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Willkommen in Deutschland

Deutsch als Zweitsprache I


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This syllabus exercise book “Willkommen in Deutschland I” will provide the essential foundation to develop a basic vocabulary and grammar structure. The book provides structure to reading precisely, grasp content and extract information in a playful and fun manner.


Das Übungsheft

Lesen 1


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The booklets in the “Reading Exercise Books” series playfully introduces children to deepen their reading skills. Short, exciting narrative and factual texts. The stickers make it fun to record the progress.


Willkommen in Deutschland

Deutsch als Zweitsprache II


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The syllabus exercise book “Willkommen in Deutschland II” continues to build and deepen the essential foundation to increase basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge.


Das Übungsheft

Lesen 2


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The book “Das Übungsheft 2, Lesen” will further deepen reading skills. Short, exciting narratives and factual texts keep learning fun.

Lesetest in Deutsch

Lernzielkontrolle 2.bis 4. Klasse


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Reading, especially meaningful reading, is an important key competence in primary school. In the “Reading Tests in German” you will find narrative texts, factual texts, poems, letters, fairy tales, legends and game instructions of different lengths with subsequent tasks. Most of the tasks are questions (Why, Who, Why) about the content of the texts.

The booklet also includes poems, legends, fairy tales, a letter, a game guide and an invitation. As a result, not only the literacy of the children is checked, but also their knowledge of special features of individual genres (e.g. the poems ask for rhyming words or the beginning of the first line).


Hanno malt sich einen Drachen

(Hanno paints himself a dragon)

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The story addresses the topics of bullying, being overweight and lack of confidence many children face today. Hanno is teased in school, but when a dragon enters his life…. everything changes.  A beautiful story….

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Do you offer online classes?

A. We offer personalized and group online classes via ZOOM platform.


Q2. What are your rates?


ONE ON ONE Personalized private lesson


$ 70 – 1 hour


TWO Students, price per student


$ 50 – 1 hour




$ 200 for 5/ 1-hour classes

3 – 6 students will meet on ZOOM


- Beginning second lesson payment is made every 4 lessons

- Classes are non- refundable and make-up classes are offered when possible


Q3. What are your cancellation and make-up policies?


Privat and two students’ lessons: No refund for lessons cancelled less than 24h in advance


Group Classes: There are no make-up classes for group lessons. We will send you the information of materials covered in class.



A. Stay consistent and remember, slow and steady wins the race!

KINDER ALCHEMY is about creating adventures and providing your child with memorable experiences. Summer is a time of freedom, fun and friends.  Your child will explore, discover and try new activities while making lasting friendships.


Field trips contribute to students being engaged, intellectually curious and interested beyond their classroom environment. KINDER ALCHEMY exposes students to hands on learning experiences on these day trips. 



KINDER ALCHEMY provides the student with a structured learning environment. Our classes work toward a readiness for learning, support intuitive thinking and a desire to learn.



If you don’t see outside the neighborhood you grow up in, the world will pass you by. To travel with KINDER ALCHEMY is inspiring and builds confidence to reach outside your comfort zone when experiencing another culture.



KINDER ALCHEMY offers private and small class tutoring. Please contact us for more information.






 "If I were to ask one thing above all others of teachers, it would be imagination, the kind of mind that is playful, fanciful, and in the relationship it perceives, that actively connects things as they are with things as they might be, that always pokes into corners and comes up with that which excites laughter or wonder. " 

Kenneth Eble


KINDER ALCHEMY believes in helping children think of alternative solutions and the importance of building confidence through experience. KINDER ALCHEMY is committed to taking the time to help students become successful, both academically and emotionally. My goal as a teacher is to mentor and instill a passion for learning in my students while providing them with an environment that is encouraging. KINDER ALCHEMY will provide the skills necessary for success and to foster individual talents. 



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